Helping hands

Since I’ve had NO luck with my local victims advocate, I stumbled upon a wonderful woman at a booth on a main street event at a small town out of county.  She listened to my story, and I pled to her for some help.  She assured me that the “right” person to talk to was her boss, because she knew Harvey county even though they were based out of a different county.  She told me that he boss was currently at a conference, but to call on Tuesday of the following week and they would help.  She told me that what the court is doing to me is horrendous and I should not be at my abuser’s beck and call.  I shouldn’t be forced to deliver a baby to someone with a gun who has had prior convictions of assault with a weapon.  She gave me this phamplet and hand wrote the contact information I needed on it. 

I waited until Tuesday.  And I called this miracle worker, Lisa.  I was told she couldn’t come to the phone but would call me back if I left a “safe” number for her to call back.  

That was 4 weeks ago.  I’m still waiting, Lisa.