“To serve and protect..”?

Today, at the one hour visit Justin scheduled, he brought his girlfriend.  This is the same one who has threatened my life previously.  She dropped Justin off and drove away, and after leaving the baby, I drove away also.  Apparently, her mother lives very close to the new location for Justin to have the visits.  Unbeknownst to me, as she had left about 4-5 minutes prior to me, she went to her mothers home.  I drove past, and she was out in the yard.  Upon seeing my car, she started yelling and flipping me off.  Since documentation is so important, or that’s what everyone says, I turned around to get a recording of her hostile, immature actions.  She had already retreated into the house by this time but sent me the following message:

I went to the police station and asked for someone to escort me back to get my son.  I was told that the police don’t get involved in civil incidents and no one would be available to help.  I asked about having a report written, for documentation, and I was told to have a seat and an officer would come speak to me.

After 15 minutes, I had not been seen by an officer and I had to leave to go pick up my son.  On my way there, I called the Safe Hope Domestic Violence center based out of my county (the same one who has never been helpful prior) and was told that on Monday they could help me file a PFA against this individual.  Today is Sunday, and doesn’t help me get my son back.  I explained to both the officer at the station and to the girl who answered the phone that Justin always has guns in his truck.

I arrived to pick my son up, and his father had him outside across the street from the supervisors home, with the girlfriend.  Upon seeing me, Justin ran back inside and took the baby with him.  I waited until exactly the time specified by him and got my recorder out and walked to the house to collect my son.  After getting him back, I walked to my car and asked Katie if she didn’t want to cause a scene now?  She said she knew I was recording so he had nothing to say.  I told her I was recording, because I couldn’t trust either of them and I knew there were weapons in the vehicle.  She went on to tell me I could come look after strapping my son in.  I told her I would not be lured over to the vehicle like that.  She then waited until I turned my back and was strapping my son in to say “it’s ok babe, I’ve got guns in the truck.”  Here is a video recording of the altercation: Evidence 6/4/17 Katie threatening with guns

I went back to the police station. And asked again to have it documented.  I was told by Officer R*** that “we don’t help with documentation for court” and he refused to write a report. He told me nothing criminal had happened and that I just needed to calm down.  We went on further to say that I was instigating her by trying to record her.  I explained to this officer that I understood that the burden of proof was on me, and I was trying to get the documentation that was required.  I told this officer that she had previously threatened to stab me in the throat, and he told me “well you’re lucky that she didn’t.”  I informed the officer that there was prior domestic violence and he told me that we can’t hold past offenses over someone’s head for life.  I was told that because I went back, to get the documentation they require for anything to happen, I was being the aggressor.  I thanked the officer for his time and told him I’m sure I would be back, as he didn’t know what these individuals were capable of.  He told me “I hope you don’t think I’m being an ass, but you need to calm down.”  The officer then asked how Justin was with the baby.  I said, he’s an abusive individual.  He told me “I didn’t ask how he was towards you, I asked how he was with the baby.  Your kid is fine.   There’s nothing to report here.  Nothing illegal happened.  People have guns everywhere, that’s not illegal.”

Justin has been convicted of battery with a weapon, three charges.  He got his conceal and carry license revoked, and since he was convicted of domestic violence, he is not supposed to legally own guns.

These people are supposed to help keep people safe?  It’s marked on their cars “to serve and protect”.  My tax dollars are paying the salary of these people who say that I need to calm down when I’m being threatened with a gun?  He told me to come back when something happened but there was nothing they could do before then.

The system is broken.  At every level.