Like a sail boat, waiting on the wind. 

We got a report filed with DCF regarding the bruises. Unfortunately, the 20somethings they sent out to investigate were really concerned about it being late in the day on a Friday.  They obviously had big plans for the weekend.  In the 10 minutes total they were at my home, they checked their watches 3 times.  I was informed that if Justin didn’t admit to knowing about the bruising, they would be closing the case.  At one point this girl actually rolled her eyes at me.  I’ll never be sorry for trying to protect my kid.  

Ever since the visit on Wednesday last week, the baby has been having night terrors.  There is nothing I can do.  

Over the weekend, justin went on vacation, and forgot about his son until about 2 hours before he wanted to see him.  I had already made plans, so he didn’t offer any other times.  Since he doesn’t want me to offer any times either, I just left it at that.  

He pretends to be father of the year with his online presence, yet… the proof is in the pudding.  It’s easier to place blame instead of admitting fault.  

I’ve made several attempts to contact the DV crisis center.  They are not returning my calls either.  When something bad happens, I want people to know I tried.  I tried so very hard to get help.