The agonies of love

We still have not gone back to see the case manager.  The case manager has been in contact with the attorneys, and it appears that Justin is involved in the batterers intervention class.  He started it in May, according to the notes by the case manager.  

Justin is also expecting his third child, due in November, with yet another mother.  He is living with her and her son, plus his daughter in a two bedroom home.  There is not adequate space for the members of the household now, and I don’t foresee the living arrangements getting any better, yet justin still intends on taking our son over night as soon as he possibly can, even with no where for him to sleep.  

Justin has attended some type of men’s retreat and has written us letters letting us know that he has forgiven us for hurting him.  I didn’t bother opening mine, as his forgiveness will not aid in my healing.  He needs to be actively working on being a decent person and gaining our forgiveness if he wants to create a decent environment for our son.  I have a feeling that with a new baby, he will forget about my son soon enough.  

The therapist for our son wrote a letter to the case manager and requested that the visit structure be changed to help the child.  The attorneys were told by the case manager to have their clients incorporate these new changes into the current visitation schedule.   Justin refuses, because he wants to continue taking the baby from the supervisors home without detection. 

Notice the time he is texting me about the visit.  4:56 AM, yet telling the court that I am non responsive or slow to respond.  

He is also preparing to go on a vacation to Florida, yet he has not paid me for any medical expenses since I filed a medical judgement against him in February. 

Once again, I’m not withholding the child, but the visitation schedule is fitting only Justin’s schedule, not around the baby’s schedule.  I have been forced to resign my position at work, and take a lesser paid position because of the visitation schedule and Justin’s obsession with making me miss work.   It seems that the child and I are the only ones suffering.  


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